About Laponiatjuottjudus

What is Laponiatjuottjudus?

Laponiatjuottjudus is the association that administrates Laponia World Heritage Site. Laponiatjuottjudus is Sámi for Laponia Administration. We took over responsibility for the World Heritage Site from the County Administrative Board in Norrbotten County on 1 January 2013. Laponiatjuottjudus is a local administrative organisation. The Board is made up of the Sámi communities in Laponia, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the County Administrative Board in Norrbotten County and the municipalities of Jokkmokk and Gällivare.


When travelling in the world heritage, please remember that may...

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The Skárjá bridge in Mihkká, Sarek, will be removed in September...

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Windfalls caused by the strong winds earlier this summer may cause difficulties for hikers walking the trails in...

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