Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have gluten-free snacks?
Yes we do. We have gluten-free bread and other gluten-free products.
Do you have dairy-free snacks?
Yes we do. We both have lactose and milk-free ice cream and milk drink.
How far is it to naturum Visitor Centre from the road?
About 300 metres.
How far is it to the hotel in Stora Sjöfallet?
From Naturum Visitor Centre car park, it is about 600 metres.
Can you drive a car to naturum Visitor Centre?
Yes. Naturum’s car park is along Vägen Västerut (The Road West or Road 827), 92 km from where you turned west off Road E45. From the car park it is a walk of about 300 metres to naturum Visitor Centre. If you have difficulties walking you can drive a car all the way.
Is there overnight accommodation?
Yes, there is accommodation at Stora Sjöfallet mountain station, the STF mountain station in Sáltoluokta and the STF cabin at Vákkudavárre. There is also accommodation in Rijtjem/Ritsem and at Björkudden.
Does the bus stop at naturum Visitor Centre?
No, it stops at Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center, but that is just 600 m from the naturum Visitor Centre car park.
The boat to Sáltoluokta leaves from naturum Visitor Centre twice a week during the high season.
Does it cost anything to go into naturum Visitor Centre?
No. It’s free.
Can you buy a fishing permit at naturum Visitor Centre?
No, but you can buy one at Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center.
What languages is guiding in?
Swedish and English. We also offer guiding in Sámi if you book in advance, so that we can see to it that our Sámi speaking personnel are on hand.
Can you bring a dog?
Yes. Naturum lies in the area of Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke National Park where it is permitted to bring a dog on a leash. You may have your dog out of doors but you may not bring it into the building or a goahte.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. That’s fine.
Can you eat at naturum Visitor Centre?
We have a café offering among other things sandwiches, pie, waffles and home-baked buns.
Are there toilets?
Yes. They are inside naturum Visitor Centre.
Opening times
Naturum Visitor Centre is open March-September. Get in touch for updated opening times.