Construction of new entrance to Muddus/Muttos National Park

Now we are building a new entrance to Muddus/Muttos National Park. The new entrance, is being built at Skájdde and construction will continue through 2017 to 2018.

Anna Rimpi, who is Laponiatjuottjudus’s project manager, says that it is pleasing that it is finally coming about.

“There is a real need for a new entrance to Muttos. The area has lots of visitors, and Skájdde, where the entrance will now be built, is the main route into the national park.”

“The entrance consists of new information sites, a fireplace, a wooden deck, plankways/ramps and toilets at the car park. It will also be made accessible to all who wish to visit the National Park and Laponia World Heritage Area,” says Anna Rimpi.

“Muttos itself is a relatively easily-accessible area. This gives opportunities to those who want to see nature without hiking, as well as groups that do not otherwise find it so easy to visit such places.”

There will be a temporary pathway in from the car park, which will be smaller than usual as long as the entrance is being constructed. Entry to the building site is forbidden.

Översiktskarta över bygget av en ny nationalparksentré vid Skájdde.