Bridges in Laponia

Are there bridges where you plan to hike, and what condition are they in? Here is a list of all the bridges in Laponia.

There are many different bridges in the Laponia nature reserves, national parks and other areas. All the bridges are permanently in place except Skárjá bridge at Mihkká in the centre of Sarek. The bridge is lifted away in autumn and put back again before Midsummer (24 June). Read more about Skárjá bridge below.

The bridges are sorted by area. The list deals with the biggest of the bridges.



Muttosädno river at Skájdde. Wooden bridge across Muttosädno (Muttos river) placed where the river empties into Julevädno river. Robust bridge in good condition with a small picnic area near the river’s roar.

Muddusagahtjaldak/Muttos Falls Wooden bridge near the falls. Robust bridge in good condition.

Upper Muttosädno Wooden bridge on the upper reaches of Muttosädno (Muttos river). Robust bridge in good condition.

Muttosluoppal On the northern part of the trail system at Muttosluoppal there is a small wooden bridge in good condition.

Duoljjejåhkå 14-metre bridge Duoljejåhkå (Tuoljebäcken stream) on the trail from Skájdde to Måskosgårsså. Good condition.

Övre Duoljejåhkå. Steel bridge across the north part of Duoljejåhkå (Tuoljebäcken stream). Good condition.



Árasjåhkå. 20-metre suspension bridge across Árasjåhkå stream in Padjelanta/Badjelánnda National Park. Good condition.

Bållávrjåhkå. The Bållávrjåhkå bridge was formerly a seasonal bridge but is now permanently in place. It is a 32-metre bridge between Stáloluokta and Duottar on the Padjelanta Trail. The bridge is labelled a summer bridge on the mountain maps, but was made into a permanent bridge in 2012.

Gieddejåhkå Across Gieddejåhkå stream at Stáloluokta there is a steel suspension bridge 25.5 m in length, which was recently replaced. Good condition.

Låddejåhkå 13-metre bridge across Låddejåhkå stream. Good condition.

Miellädno stream at Álggavárre this bridge, 44 m long, is in poor condition, and is used at your own risk. It is owned by Jåhkågaska tjiellde Sámi community. Hikers can also choose to use the boats at the Swedish church here at Álggajávrre Lake.

Mielädno stream at Árasluokta Since 2011 there has been a new, 57m suspension bridge across Mielädno stream near where it empties into Virihávrre Lake. Good condition.

Sáluhávrre – Greater Vuojatädno bridge This hundred-metre bridge is the biggest in Laponia, and was replaced in 2009. It was then adapted for snowmobiles to favour reindeer herding at the difficult crossing of the large stream Vuojatädno. Good condition.

Sáluhávrre – Middle Vuojatädno bridge This 21-metre bridge is the smallest of the three Vuojatädno bridges. Replaced in 2015.

Várggá bridge at Sáluhávrre Várggá bridge, 60 m long, is a suspension bridge replaced in 2014 and adapted for snowmobiles.

Sieberjåhkå Suspension bridge, 30 m long at STF facility at Guvtjávrre along the Arctic Trail. Good condition.

Sjnjuvtjudisjåhkå 31.5-metre suspension bridge at the Gisuris cabins on the Padjelanta Trail. Good condition.

Spietjavjåhkå Small suspension bridge at Gisuris on the Padjelanta Trail. Good condition.

Stáddajåhkå New 55.5-metre suspension bridge across Stáddajåhkå river on the Arctic Trail between Stáloluokta and the Stádda cabins. Good condition.

Vássjájåhkå New 28.5 m suspension bridge at the Darreluoppal cabins on the Padjelanta Trail. Good condition.

Viejejåhkå 25.5 m steel suspension bridge. Good condition.

Vuojatädno 61-metre suspension bridge across the large Vuojatädno river near Änonjálmme. Good condition.



There are few bridges in Sarek. Most are in places that are important reindeer herding passages.

West and east Gallakjåhkå East of Rittak there are bridges across Gallakjåhkå stream. The suspension bridge over the east part of the stream is in good condition. The western bridge is a high, narrow girder bridge that is due to be replaced.

Guhkesvákkjåhkå Furthest east in the long Guhkesvágge Valley there is a large bridge across Guhkesvákkjåhkå stream. The bridge is maintained by Sirges Sámi community.

Gådokjåhkå The bridge across Gådokjåhkå stream is south of Gådokbuollda and owned by Jåhkågaska tjiellde Sámi community.

Jåkkejågåsj This was formerly a summer bridge and has since 2012 been a permanent bridge at Jågge on the King’s Trail between Boardde (Pårte) and Aktse. Good condition.

Sjábttjakjågåsj Bridge across Sjábttjakjågåsj on the King’s Trail between Boardde (Pårte) and Aktse.

Skárjá Skárjá Bridge at Mihkká in central Sarek is the only summer bridge in Laponia since the others were replaced in 2012. It is put in place before Midsummer (24 June) each year and taken away in mid-September. Contact us (intern länk till kontakt) for exact information on when the bridge is in place if you plan to travel in the area early or late in the season.

East & north Suobbatjåhkå Wooden bridges in good condition north of Lake Tjaktjajávrre.



Garŋŋelajåhkå Above the STF cabin in Vákkudavárre there is a 10 m bridge across Garŋŋelajåhkå stream which descends from the dramatic Garŋŋel mountain. Good condition.

Guolbbanjåhkå 21 m suspension bridge on the King’s Trail between Dievssajávri (Teusajaure) and Vákkudavárre. It was formerly a summer bridge but is now a permanent bridge. It is still marked as a summer bridge on many mountain maps.

Råssejåhkå This is a little girder bridge across Råssejåhkå stream, which is on the King’s Trail between Dievssajávri (Teusajaure) and Vákkudavárre. It was put in place in 2012 and is not marked on all mountain maps.

Sjnjuvtjudisjávrásjjågåsj (Jåkkjåkken) Jåkkjåkken is the Swedish name of this picnic spot with a little bridge crossing the stream.



Gáidumjåhkå 20 m suspension bridge across Gáidumjåhkå stream near Gáidumgeahči and the STF cabins (Kaitumjaure cabins) there is a fairly old bridge which was recently renovated with new anchoring wires. Good condition.