Do’s and don’ts

Common courtesy, common sense, and special regulations

In the World Heritage Site, special regulations apply to visitors, since large parts of Laponia are national parks and nature reserves.

As a visitor here you may always pick berries and mushrooms. You may also make a fire using dry branches or make a shelter for yourself on your hike. You may pitch a tent for a day or two in one place, or park your caravan if there is a designated site for it. You may also bring your leashed dog when hiking on for example the King’s Trail and the Navvy Trail (Rallarstigen). From 1 January – 30 April you can have your leashed dog with you in the whole of Laponia, even in the national parks.

However, you must also be familiar with the important regulations that apply to everyone who is here.

In Laponia you may not

• Intentionally disturb foraging reindeer or the gathering and herding of reindeer
• Litter
• Damage or remove earth, stones or plants, with the exception of berries and edible fungi
• Collect eggs or capture, harm or kill animals
• Hunt or fish, unless the regulations indicate otherwise
• Cycle or drive boats and motorised all-terrain vehicles, except in specified areas and at certain times
• Ride horses or walk dogs, except in specified areas and at certain times

Here you can read the ordinances.