Hiking the World Heritage Site

Trails criss-cross the whole of Laponia, following ancient routes. If you know what to look for you can see an árran, a hearth, beside the trail. Around the old trails there are dwelling sites, reindeer pastures and other traces showing that you are taking a path that many others have walked before you.

The trail itself is in many cases a heritage in its own right. The trail markings may have been there for centuries. Traditional Sámi trail markings are often sparse. They are made to be seen just well enough, at places where they are needed. They are often on stony ground, crossing a mountain path or in other places where there is a risk of getting lost.

The marked trails in Laponia are both summer trails and winter trails. Winter trails have trail crosses: posts with a red X at the top. On lakes, or at places where there are no posts the markings are snow poles with a reflecting coating as used on roads. Summer trails and winter trails often follow about the same route, but some winter trails can be difficult to follow in summer time, since they can cross wet ground. Summer trails follow clear, red-marked routes.