Everyday life

The Sámi people have lived in these mountains and forests for thousands of years. The sun and the wind govern people’s lives. The reindeer give their lives so that people may have food and clothes. Our settlements, our grazing land, our history and our memories are here. A few barely-visible stones in a ring on the ground are a hearth, a fireplace that is someone’s home for a time. The place where they rest, and find warmth and light. Everything in nature has a spirit and humans are just a small part of something greater.

Today, Sámi from nine Sámi communities live and work in Laponia. They follow the reindeer herds on their seasonal migration to find food. The Forest Sámi move with their reindeer in the forest, while the Mountain Sámi’s reindeer move between the forest in the east and the mountains in the west.