The hunt

Titti Bergman talks of her interest in hunting

  • “I love to slosh around on the mires.”
  • “I love the smell of the mire, there are a lot of frogs, some moose and then me.”
  • “My father always brought me out to the forest. So I don't think it mattered that I was a girl. If I was a boy I think it would have been the same. Since dad didn't have any sons he brought me and my sister.”
  • “If you take your children along, they'll become interested. And we're both interested in hunting. Both my sister and I.”

The beginning of September is a hectic time for the reindeer herder. The herd is to be rounded up and driven to the enclosure to select the animals to be slaughtered for household needs. With modern vehicles, the reindeer are rounded up quicker than when reindeer and humans went everywhere on foot. Before the big bull reindeer are selected for slaughter, the reindeer owners take the opportunity to mark the calves that could not be marked in the summertime. In winter the reindeer ears cannot heal owing to the cold.