Deep old forests and bogs as wide as the sea

Muddus / Muttos are the land of the wide bogs and deep old-growth forests. Here are large waterfalls, deep ravines, mountain peaks and forests where the trees have seen many generations of people pass by.

The Sami word for big bogs is “áhpe”. It also means sea. Here you meet many of them, the bogs that feel like the sea. In the winter when they have frozen, they are perfect migration routes for both humans and animals. But Muttos is perhaps best known for its old forest. Here you’ll find both realy old and younger pines that have been affected by felling and forest fires over the years.

To the south, the entire area slopes down to the river Stuor Julevädno / Stora luleälven and ten deep ravines cut through the large forests. The ancient paths follow ridges which are sometimes the only place in the landscape where it is possible to walk. Remains of fireplaces and traps show that many have walked here before us.

We do not exactly know where the name originates from, but it could be from the Sami word mutták, “appropriate” or “just enough”. Here is everything you need to live a good life. Since 1996, Muttos has been part of the Laponia World Heritage Site.

In the national parks within Laponia, it is forbidden to bring a dog, with the exception of Kungsleden, Rallarstigen in Muddus / Muttos, and the area between the power line and Stuor Julevu / Stora Lulevatten’s lake system in Stora Sjöfallet / Stuor Muorkke National Park.

January 1 – April 30, its allowed to bring a dog on a leash.

Without permission from the County Administrative Board, it is absolutely forbidden to fly drones within the entire Laponia World Heritage Site.

It is only allowed to light campfires in exhibited fireplaces within the world heritage Laponia.

All rules and regulations can be found here.