About naturum Laponia Visitor Centre

A place of stories

At first the sparse old-growth forest provides protection, but once you get to its edge the landscape suddenly opens up. Forest, river, lake and mountain come together. In the middle lies naturum LaponiaVisitor Centre, a few stone’s throws from the shore of Lake Láŋas.

A naturum is a place for storytelling. It can be stories about the mountain on the other side of the lake, or of how the reindeer make their way here every spring. At our naturum we tell a little of what it is that have made this vast area a World Heritage Site.

Naturum Laponia Visitor Centre is a newly built facility with an exhibition, café among other things – a building formed by both architects and local craftsmen. Naturum also comprises a number of goahte buildings in traditional design and a number of trails leading from the buildings down to the lake and into the old-growth forest of Stuor Muorkke.

Read more about this special place, how naturum Laponia Visitor Centre in Laponia came into existence and how Sámi forms have been made into a snow trap to collect the winter’s snow.