The place

A meeting point down the ages


People have lived in the area around naturum Visitor Centre for as long as we can remember. The big valley is like an artery for people and animals. Old hearths, dwelling sites and other traces in the landscape show that people have been on the move here ever since the most recent ice age.

In Stuor Muorkke, the centuries old forest, the steep high mountain, the large rivers, and a dazzling string of lakes all come together. This is where travellers had to portage their boats past the big waterfall, Stuormuorkkegårttje. The place was later also given its Swedish name, Stora Sjöfallet.

Naturum Visitor Centre is on the north side of Lake Láŋas, on the land used by Unna Tjerusj Sámi community. The south side of the lake is that of the Sámi community Sirges. The area around the mountains Gierkav and Juobmotjåhkkå are good foraging land where the reindeer find food early in spring. Parallel with the big valley, there are many migratory trails which are used every year when the reindeer are moved up to summer foraging areas west of Stuor Muorkke.