Opening times


Naturum Laponia is now closed for the season.

We open again in March 2018.

Get in touch with us for information.



Daily viewing of the exhibition at 15.00

Get an introduction to our exhibition and at the same time ask your questions about the World Heritage.


Our slideshow brings you three different accounts from Laponia. The slideshow lasts 14 minutes and is available in Lule Sámi, Swedish and English. It is shown at 10.30 and 15.30. Through our 16 film portraits of people who live or work in Laponia or are just visiting, you justyou can gain an amazing insight into the World Heritage Area.

World Heritage tour – Saturdays at 13:00-16:00

Come with us on a guided tour of the area around Viedás, where we tell you more about the geological history of the World Heritage Area as well as the history of mankind here. We talk about and experience nature and living Sámi culture. We stop for refreshments along the way. Price 100 SEK.


Buorisboahtem! Bures boahtin! Welcome!

  • Utställningen öppnas! Foto: Daniel Olausson
  • Lena Viltok bakade gáhkku för gästerna. Foto: Daniel Olausson
  • The fireplace is in the middle of the building, just like in a goahte. Like an árran, it is not completely round and is slightly irregularly shaped.
  • Indoors.