Walking through eight seasons

In our exhibition you can learn about the interaction between nature and culture, and why the landscape in Laponia looks the way it does. Explore the World Heritage Site by following the forest, the mire, the mountain, the reindeer and the reindeer herd through Laponia’s eight seasons. Learn about domestic and everyday life, feel the soft reindeer fur, listen to juoiggos singing and much more.

Learn more

What flower can grow on the highest summits in Sarek and what does an angry lemming sound like? On our touch screens you have a chance to learn more about different types of nature in Laponia and about some of the thousands of plants, animals, birds and objects that make up the rich nature and culture of Laponia.

My Laponia

Sit down and gain a fantastic feel for the World Heritage Site by getting to know 16 people who live in, work in or visit Laponia today. Listen to the reindeer herder, crafter, researcher and tourist talk about what the World Heritage Site means to them.

Vuojnna – stillness

Vuojnna is the Sámi word for life or spirit. This is our room for stillness and contemplation. Here you can sit on cushions, look out through the skylight and listen to the sounds of a year in the World Heritage Site.