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The Badjelánnda Trail

Degree of difficulty: null


The Badjelánnda Trail (Padjelantaleden) leads you all the way through the national park named Padjelanta/Badjelánnda, which is Sámi for “the High Country”. The trail crosses vast fells and passes large mountain lakes. In the horizon lie the high mountaintops of Sarek and further west the snowclad summits of Sulidälbmá.

In the height of summer in July, the settlements around the trail are used by people from the three Sámi communities Sirges, Jåhkågaska tjiellde and Tuorpon. The trail passes many sites that bear traces dating back many thousands of years. This is an area where people have lived for a long time and where reindeer herding is still the pulse of the national park.

The Badjelánnda Trail is easy to walk and it is also suitable for those with little mountain experience. It involves no difficult wading and the cabin sites are at relatively short distances from each other. There are in all 13 cabin sites along the trail. Some are owned by Svenska turistföreningen, STF. The cabin sites that lie within Laponia World Heritage Area are run by the Sámi community association Badjelánnda Laponia turism, BLT.

In summer there are cabin wardens for most cabins. You can also buy certain provisions. The cabins are for self-catering. There are Calor gas stoves, pots and pans, kitchen porcelain, blankets and pillows, but bring your own sheets or sleeping bags. Naturally it is also okay to pitch a tent along the trail.

Here you will find updated information about the cottages in Badjelánnda. 

When is the best time for hiking?

July-September. The cabin sites close at the beginning of September.

Hike half the trail

For those who do not wish to hike the whole trail, there are scheduled helicopter flights in summer from Huhttán/Kvikkjokk and Rijtjem to Stáloluokta, in the middle of Badjelánnda.