Degree of difficulty: Easy

Length: A half day


This is a cliff ravine a short way from Kungsleden (the King’s Trail). The ravine was formed when the inland ice sheet melted and water tumbled down from the falls. A fine day trip, which you can combine with a hike to Bietsávrre or up onto Giergav. The ravine marks the boundary with Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor muorkke National Park.

In Áhusgårsså you can catch a glimpse of the Rough Legged Buzzard – and if you are lucky, a lynx. If not, perhaps you will see the lynx that thrive in the rocky areas around Stuor muorkke and Suorvvá.

Getting here

Follow the King’s Trail from Sáltoluokta and take the right fork when the trail divides. Continue to the right until you arrive at the national park boundary. You can descend into the ravine and hike upwards, or simply sit at the rim and look down.