Degree of difficulty: Easy

Length: Less than two hours

The point west of Sjöfallshotellet was once a Sámi settlement. Now the settlements are gone, but the point is a fantastic excursion place for families with children or others who do not want to walk a long distance but still want to experience Stuor Muorkke. The broad trail is passable also for children’s buggies and wheelchairs. Once you get there, you can look out over the waterfall gushing into Lake Láŋas. Out in the water lies the island of Jábmeksuolu, an old burial site where in the past the dead were placed. The place is now a protected heritage area, but there is a fine view of it from the share of the lake.


Getting here

Just west of Stora Sjöfallet mountain station there is a large car park and some energy company buildings along Vägen Västerut (the Road West). Below the buildings the road leads down to the headland. You can drive a car some of the way, but before the little bridge crossing the channel you must leave the car and walk the last 500 metres.