Padjelanta/Badjelánnda National Park

The higher land

Badjelánnda – the higher country – is the Sámi name for the country between the alpine summits of Sarek and the Norwegian fjords. For millennia, reindeer have migrated here to calve and eat their fill of juicy summer forage. The lime-rich basement, higher precipitation from the Atlantic and the late melting of the snow in the summer have created verdant grass meadows, a welcome sight for the reindeer.

The mountains have softer contours than those in Sarek national park. The three big lakes – Virihávrre, Vastenjávrre and Sáluhávrre – are located largely above the treeline. Great alpine lakes are otherwise often found in the birch-forest area.

The abundance of fish in the water and the reindeer forage made Badjeláhnnda the summer pasture area for Sámi herders. The characteristic flora led to the area being declared a national park.

Badjelánnda became a part of the World Heritage site Laponia as it was founded in 1996.