Sarek National Park

High mountains, Deep valleys

In Sarek you’ll find some of our most dramatic scenery: virgin forests with centuries-old pine, birch-forested valleys, delta land, alpine moors and alpine massifs with glaciers and 2000-metre summits. Deep valleys with alpine streams are cutting through alpine areas. They are rounded U-shaped valleys, chiselled out by moving ice masses during the ice ages.

In the valley depressions, there is a luxuriant abundance of Wolf’s Bane, Globeflower and Alpine Blue Sow-Thistle – a haven for moose. A kilometre from there, barren icy summits host Glacier Buttercup, Snow Bunting and croaking Ptarmigan.

Thousand-year-old migrations of reindeer have carved winding reindeer-paths into the valley floor.

The Sámi has inhabited the area for thousands of years, and the ancient remains are plentiful – pitfalls, dwelling sites and old hearths. For the reindeer herders Sarek National Park is an important ground with settlements, migratory trails, calving grounds, foraging areas and reindeer corrals.

Sarek National Park became an central part in the Laponia World Heritage site as it was founded in 1996.


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  • Lone reindeer in front of Skoarkki mountain in Sarek National
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Map: Lisa Wallin