More about the Dotterel

Many bird species are gender equal, sharing the brooding and bringing up of the young. The Dotterel and the Red-necked Phalarope both have reverse gender roles compared to most bird species. The female takes care of courtship and has brighter colours than the male. The male takes care of brooding and later the nestlings. Both species demonstrate extreme gender inequality. In their case, the male has the lion’s share of brooding and caring for the children.

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Charadrius morinellus

The Dotterel nests on open mountain moors a few hundred metres above the tree line.

The Dotterel lives on insects and seeds. It is characteristically a migratory bird that winters in the step and Sami arid areas of North Africa. Spring migration takes place very rapidly at the end of May and the bird can be seen, only fleetingly, when the flocks rest on big fields. One well-known stopover site is Laggadalen east of Uppsala.

You need plenty of luck to catch sight of the Dotterel on a mountain moor, since it is fairly rare but if you happen to see one and keep calm it is trusting and can stay on its nest, brooding quite close to you. But do not test the patience of the Dotterel too much. If you arouse the interest of for example crows and ravens, they in turn can detect the brooding Dotterel.