More about Spotted Camouflage Lich:

In appearance, the Spotted Camouflage Lichen is a dark olive green, and just like all other lichens, Spotted Camouflage Lichen is a combination of fungus and alga.

Spotted Camouflage Lichen

Melanohalea olivacea

Spotted Camouflage Lichen gets its name from the fact that it marks how deep the snow has been in winter. It does not survive being covered by snow. Where the snow is deep therefore, the birch trunks are light in colour, except high up on the tree where we find a zone with the dark specks of Spotted Camouflage Lichen. In areas where the snow cover is thinner in winter, we find Spotted Camouflage Lichen further down on the tree.

Spotted Camouflage Lichen grows rapidly and can quite easily force out other lichen if the snow depth allows. The lichen can also grow on a number of different deciduous trees, but very seldom on coniferous trees. It also grows down in coniferous forest areas, but not as distinctly in relation to the snow. Spotted Camouflage Lichen therefore acts as a good climate indicator in the mountains, but does not indicate the snow depth as well in coniferous forest.