Änonjálmme/Áhkká cabins

The Áhkká massif with its 13 summits rises steeply from the large lake, Áhkájávrre. On a clear day, Áhkká will follow you with its gaze on any hike in the region. The name means “old lady, mother, goddess” and it is a frequent name for sacred mountains all over Sámiland – Sápmi. Near the summits, there are glaciers surrounded by vast masses of moraine. The highest summit rises 2,015 metres above sea level.

To many, the stretch between the Áhkká cabin and Gisuris means the first or last leg of a hike in Laponia. From here leads the easy route, the Badjelánnda Trail. Many carry on into Sarek. The Áhkká cabin is also a perfect base camp for climbs to summits in the area. One enjoyable day tour is to hike south to Gisuris and then turn off to follow the Arctic Trail to Vájsáluokta.

FromÄnonjálmme there, it is a hike of about a kilometre to the Áhkka cabin. In Änonjálmme there is a summer café and the local residents can provide boat transport.