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The little Aktse homestead is located on the fringe of the high mountains of Sarek on the shores of Lájtávrre Lake (Laitaure). For several generations the Länta family has lived here, making a living by hunting, fishing and raising cattle. The homestead is beautifully placed in a richly blooming meadow, where Globeflower, Angelica and Wolf´s Bane display their beauty in the green meadows during the first weeks in July. In drier areas lower shorter vegetation such as Alpine Gentian, Thick-Headed Sedge, Alpine Bistort and Common Moonwort thrive. The meadow is filled with the sound of bumblebees and house martins. Everywhere there are traces of human activity.

Part of the meadow is still hand-scythed by the local section of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in order to preserve the rich flora. Old ermine traps can be seen along the trails that lead away from the homestead as well as chopped logs, now slowly decaying. The tourist cabin is at the highest point of the meadow. From here there is a good view of both the Lájtávrre delta and the U-shaped Rapa Valley stretching to the west. The three mountains Tjahkkelij, Nammásj and Skierffe, build a classic mountain motif: the gateway to Sarek.

If you want to get some idea of what the landscape at Aktse may have looked like before people began to make clearings for pastures fields, you can walk the small trail from the homestead towards the scree slope below Skierffe. The trail winds through enchanted virgin spruce forest where Ostrich Fern, Blue Sow-Thistle and Alpine Bistort thrive in the shade.