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Árasluokta is in the middle of the vast, open mountainous country that is Badjelánnda. For centuries, even millennia, the green summer fells have offered rich reindeer forage.

The land around Árasluokta and Miellädno is where the reindeer herds of Jåhkågaska tjiellde spend the summer. The land along the river was inhabited year round up until the 1960s, when the air transport service to the mountains was established. The people of the Sámi community then settled on the shore of Virihávrre at Árasluokta. The families could then fly to their summer settlement.

The tourist cabins lie close to the Sámi community’s cabins. At Árasluokta there is also a church goahte where a service is held every summer. For a few intensive summer weeks, the settlement is full of life, and the tourist cabins are open until the beginning of September.