Bårdde (Pårte)

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The Bårdde (Pårte) cabins are located along the King’s Trail on the northern shore of Lake Sjábttjakjávrre, just outside Sarek National Park and Laponia World Heritage Area. This is the autumn and spring reindeer foraging land for the Jåhkågaska Sámi community. Kungsleden, the King’s Trail, passes south of the highest summits of Sarek, against the backdrop of the Bårdde massif.

Approximately ten kilometres west of the Bårdde cabins, as the crow flies, is Boarek (Pårek), one of the Sámi community’s settlements, on a plateau where the snow melts early. It is one of the settlements used by Jåhkågaska tjiellde Sámi community, and there too we can see one of the red research cabins built by Axel Hamberg in the early 20th century. In all there are four such cabins at different places in Sarek.

The reindeer caravans (ráidu) used to pass this way as they moved between the winter foraging forestlands and the summer foraging areas of Badjelánnda. They stopped here to re-pack, taking only what they needed for the coming season. They would also pick common sorrel and fish in the watercourses. Modern cottages are there now alongside older peat goahte huts.