Burnt land

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Why does it start burning in a forest? What happens afterwards? Take a short day tour to the burnt land in Muddus/Muttos National Park and learn more about forest fires. The tour also makes a popular hike for children.

Everywhere in Muttos you can see traces of past forest fires. The most recent major forest fire was in 2006. Just over 2 km from the Muttos entry point at Skájdde there is an area of burnt land at a convenient hiking distance. It is impossible to miss where the fire burned. The forest is still alive, but the trees bear witness to the fire. Charred, blackened trunks line the trail. You can see the path of the fire and how the forest is recovering.

Since the burnt area is close to the river Stuor Julevädno you can have your refreshments down by the river before you turn back to hike to Skájdde. If you want you can continue eastwards a few kilometres from the burnt area lies the mighty ravine Måskosgårsså.

Sweet raspberries grow in the burned area. Photography: Åsa Fjällborg/Laponiatjuottjudus