Darreluoppal (Tarreluobbal)

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Darreluoppal was once a settlement used by the Tuorpon Sámi when they were moving with the reindeer. Here you can see reindeer pastures where reindeer were rounded up to be milked in summer and autumn. There are also many traces of ancient dwelling sites nearby.

If you come walking or skiing from the south, Darreluoppal has the first cabins in Badjelánnda National Park, which is part of Laponia World Heritage Area. Darreluoppal lies on the boundary between Sarek and Badjelannda and here the mountains change shape, the high summits of Sarek meeting the undulating fells of Badjelánnda. At Darreluoppal, the steep Darrevuobme valley opens up and the birch forest ends.

From the cabins you can with the help of binoculars watch reindeer, moose and the abundant birdlife. Darreluoppal is also a good lake for angling, with a sturdystock of charr. If you hold a fishing permit you can angle anywhere along the Badjelánnda Trail.