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Around the Duottar cabins there are several areas containing archaeological remains. Along the Padjelanta Trail about 1.5 km south of the Duottar cabins there are about ten hearths. On the eastern shore of Duottarjávrre there is a windbreak made of piled stones, as well as a hearth and a goahte settlement. Around Duottar there is a system of small lakes where ice can remain as late as July. It is also the part the Badjelánnda Trail where the snow stays longest.

You can see many different species here in summertime, thanks to the high lime content in the ground. If you are interested in plants, you can find a wide variety of species on the rock ledges along the steep shores of Lake Duottarjávrre.

The land here is used by Tuorpon Sámi community. Tuorpon has several calf marking enclosures in the vicinity. The area also clearly shows that this area has been used for a very long time. Around the cabins there are many discreet traces of the people have been here long before us. About a kilometre south of the cabins on the trail you will find for example many hearths. West of Sarvestjåhkå stream at Alep Sarvesjåhkå where the stream divides there are about a hundred ancient remains.