Guvtjávrre (Kutjaure)

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Áhkká mountain overlooks Lake Guvtjávrre, and to the west and south the mountains of Badjelánnda extend. There are a couple of settlements near the lake that belong to Sirges Sámi community. One is on the east side of the lake and the other on the West, not far from the tourist cabin on the Arctic Trail.

The reindeer of Sirges Sámi community graze this land. As patches of exposed ground appear in the snow here early, the low-lying land and mountains are attractive for the animals in spring. The cows give birth to their calves here during May. In July, the Sámi work together to gather the animals together in enclosures, where the year’s calves have their owner’s mark cut into their ears. This work takes several weeks.

This is an area rich in ancient remains and historical traces dating back millennia. You can also see how the inland ice has formed the landscape. If you want to explore the area around Guvtjávrre, there is overnight accommodation at Gisuris.