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The name Kvikkjokk is a Swedified version of the Sámi Guojkkajåhkå, “river rapids”. In Sámi the place is called Huhttán – the smelter. In the 17th century there was a silver smelter here. Remains from the mining era can still be seen.

The different types of nature here include delta land, virgin forest, low and high fells. The low fells Snjierak, Nammásj and Vállenulppe are all suitable for day tours. On these mountains there is a magnificent panorama of the mountain world and the delta land.

For those planning to walk further, the King’s Trail passes here, leading south and north, and to the west begin both the Badjelánnda Trail and the Arctic Trail. You can also take one of the daily flights to Stáloluokta to get straight into Laponia.