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Following the Padjelanta Trail from the south, the Låddejåhkå cabins can be seen from several kilometres away. They are located on a delta plateau that was created at the end of the ice age as a temporary lake, dammed up by the inland ice.

From the bridge where the trail crosses the mountain stream it is easy to imagine how the inexorable water gushing for thousands of years has sculpted kettle holes and polished stone slabs of mica schist.

On the shores around Lake Vásstenjávrre and Sáluhávrre, large numbers of reindeer gather on their migration through the Sarek valleys to summer foraging in Badjelánnda. Sirges Sámi community have three spring and summer settlements on the lake shores. Huorsonjárgga, which lies closest to the tourist cabins, was built when reindeer caravan migration ended and air transport to the mountains became more common. Today the settlement is in different parts, and some also stay at Gievgessuoloj, an island at the mouth of the River Vuojatädno.

Sarek’s summits rise like a backdrop in the east.