Laponia Visitor Centre Bårjås/Porjus

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I Laponia Visitor Centre Bårjås/Porjus we show what happens in Laponia during the time of blue winter light and the dancing Northern Lights. Here you can watch the film Guojttem – Sámi Thoughts of Heaven and Earth. Here too, the reindeer herder tells of winter work with reindeer. We also show how to utilise what the reindeer and nature give, how to make clothes and everything needed to survive.

The visitor Centre lies at Laponiaporten – the gateway to Laponia, which also has a café in summer and receives groups and conference guests at all times of year.

Laponia Visitor Centre is open: in summer, and at other times for guests who book in advance. Contact Laponiaporten if you want to visit us (minimum eight people).