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In eastern Darrevuobme, just outside the World Heritage Area, lies Njunjes mountain farmstead, which was inhabited until the 1950s. At most, 16 people lived in the village. The Holmbom family, who lived here, made a living from farming and tourism. In those days there were cows, horses and hens at Njunjes. Further back in time it was a Sámi dwelling site.

Two kilometres upstream of the Njunjes farmstead stands the STF cabin on the banks of Darreädno River.

The deep valley Darrevuobme was hewn from the mountain bedrock by inland ice and glaciers. Darreädno River brings sludge that forms the mountain delta both at the entrance to Lake Darrejávrre and at Kvikkjokk on Lake Sakkat. Njunjes lies south of the national parks Badjelánnda and Sarek, and Laponia World Heritage Area.