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This area is spring and autumn land for Sirges Sámi community. In spring and autumn, reindeer herds forage on the low fell Ulldevis. The high mountains and mountain moors west of Gierkav provide summer land for the Sámi community. During spring and autumn migrations, the members of the Sámi community live here. In the summer months they live in settlements by the large lakes to the west.

Sálto was formerly the dwelling site in spring, and the herds foraged around Bietsávrre and were grazed for a week or so below Gierkav. The year-calves were marked around midsummer, and people and reindeer moved on to the summer foraging land to the west.

In autumn, when they migrated to the coniferous forests in the east, Sáltoluokta was the central settlement.

The settlement also includes Sáltoluokta mountain station. The King’s trail passes this way and many stop to make day tours in the area. In summer there is a boat connection between Sáltoluokta and Naturum Visitor Centre at Stuor Muorkke.

Foto: Daniel Olausson