Såmmárlahpa (Såmmarlappa)

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The tourist cabin at Såmmárlahpa lies on banks of the river Darreädno. Uin summer you can take a boat to make tours on the other side of the river.

This is foraging land used by Tuorpon Sámi community. Along the entire Darrevuobme (Darre Valley) there are traces of how people have moved around in the area since prehistoric times. The name Darrevuobme “the valley with steep inclines and ravines”. The long valley becomes wider once you come north of Såmmárlahpa, closer to Darreluoppal. Predators thrive here and when the snow arrives you can see their tracks criss-crossing the valley.

Before the cabin was built there was a peat goahte here where tourists could spend the night. The land has been slowly reclaiming it, making it difficult to detect.

Såmmárlahpa lies just south of Badjelánnda National Park and Laponia World Heritage Area.