Siiddasjávri (Sitasjaure)

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On the south shore of Lake Siidasjávri lies the summer settlement of Baste Čearru Sámi community and cabins operated by STF. The long lake extends all the way into Norway and is surrounded by snowclad mountain summits.

Siidásjávri is just outside Laponia World Heritage Area on the border with Sjávnja Nature Reserve and Stora Sjöfallet /Stuor Muorkke National Park. The Arctic Trail passes to the north, turning towards Norway, and in winter time there is a snowmobile trail leading towards Giebnegáisi (Kebnekaise) and further northwards.

This is summer foraging land used by the two Sámi communities Baste Čearru and Unna Tjerusj . Along the road to Siidas(jávri) you can see their calf marking enclosures near the road. The road was built in connection with damming up the lake in the 1970s. Today the water is led through a tunnel from the lake down to Ritsem powerplant.

There are sacred sites around Lake Siidasjávri. Together with place names and other heritage environments in the area, they show that this area has been important to people for a long time.