Sijddojávrre (Sitojaure)

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When migration was still by reindeer caravan and pack animals, there were many autumn and spring dwelling sites around Lake Sijddojávrre. It was here people stayed before the move to the summer lands further west. Nowadays many families live around Lake Sijddojávrre in spring, summer and autumn.

The lake is 20 km long, and the western end is in Sarek and Laponia World Heritage Area. The water is coloured green by glacial meltwater descending from the high mountains. The long Lake Siijdojávrre actually comprises three lakes linked by watercourses. When travelling here you get a feeling of what the lakes looked like before they were dammed up and became the hydropower reservoir Áhkájávrre.

The tourist cabin lies on the north side of the lake and the local population provide boat transport across the lake during the entire hiking season. You can also request to be transported to the western end to continue into Sarek. The area is rich in ancient remains and there is plenty to discover beyond the scenic shores of the lake.