Svårighetsgrad: Lätt

Längd: Halvdag


The trail towards Ibbatjåhkkå takes you through different vegetation zones. It starts in old-growth forest, continues up through Arctic birch forest and ends on the mountain. With elevation gain, you get a magical view of Stuor Muorkke, Giergav Mountain and Lake Láŋas. If you continue through the small mountain valley you will soon look out over Áhkajávrre and the mountains in the west. With any luck you will see both Rough-Legged Buzzard and Ptarmigan.

The trail you are walking is an ancient migration trail for reindeer caravans. If you continue upwards you will come to the summit of Nieras, 1,490 m above sea level.

Getting here

The trail begins just west of the power plant at Viedás/Stuor Muorkke, approximately 1 km west of Stora Sjöfallet mountain station. It runs along the north side of the road and is signposted. When you come into the birch forest and arrive at a stream the trail divides. Choose the left fork to continue up towards Ibbatjåhkkå. If you take the right fork the climb is steeper, and you arrive at the edge of Nieras.