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The Stáddájåhkå cabins are located on the edge of the Stáddájåhkå rapids near the southern shore of the Gáhpesluoppal Lake. From here there is a good view of the delta land surrounding the lake. Reindeer often graze there, and you can see many different birds tiptoeing around on the edge of it.

The trail from Stáloluokta to Stáddájåhkå follows the east side of the wide valley framed by the high mountains. The renowned foraging mountain Jiegŋáffo stands like a sentinel to the south of the cabins. Tuorpon has a calf-marking enclosure nearby.

You can choose to hike the Arctic Trail down towards Bieskehávrre or continue westwards to Sårjåsjávrre. On the Norwegian side there are cabins operated by the Norwegian tourist association DNT.