Svårighetsgrad: Medel

Längd: Halvdag


You can make your way to the Stuormuorkkegårttje waterfalls from the road or from the south side of the lake. It is a beautiful walk and the falls are a magnificent site even though they are just a remnant of their former glory.

Stuor Muorkke, the tongue of land between lakes Gårtjejávrre and Láŋas, gives a magnificent view of the naturum area at Viedásnjárgga and Giergav mountain. Pick berries, take a packed lunch, or just sit on the boulders and admire the view.

Getting here

Follow Vägen Västerut (the Road West) to the western edge of the spit of land that faces the upper Gårtjejávrre. From there, the trail leads southwards all the way to the falls. The trail is sometimes difficult to see and the closer you come to the falls the rockier it becomes. The trail is not signposted and is not recommended for inexperienced hikers.

From the south side it is easier to walk, but a boat is needed to cross Lake Láŋas. STF in Sáltoluokta provides tours here in the summer. The boat then calls at Naturum Laponia to pick up hikers who wish to take part in STF’s guided tour up to the falls.