The bird watching tower

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Längd: Heldag


At Muttosluoppal, a bird-watching tower rises above the treetops. Pluck up the courage to climb it! The tower is the best vantage point in relatively flat Muttos. From here you can look out over lakes, vast marshes and mountains lining the horizon.

Birdwatchers can sit here and gaze at the many species that thrive in the bird sanctuary area west of the tower. The tower itself stands on a ridge that has been trodden by people for millennia.

Bring binoculars, a windproof jacket and a thermos of coffee when you make the climb.

Getting here

The shortest way is to hike from the east via Suolávrre and the Manson cabin. It is 9 km. From the entrance at Skájdde, it is 16 km to Muttosluoppal.

muttosluoppal_fageltorn_Foto LaponiatjuottjudusMuttos is flat, flat, flat and you cannot see much. Until you climb up!