Vákkudavárre (Vakkotavara)

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The name Vákkudavárre is that of the mountain west of the STF tourist cabin. The mountain is divided by a hollow that looks like a small valley, and has given the place its Sámi name. East of the cabin rises the dark cliff face called Garŋŋelabákte.

The King’s Trail rises steeply along the edge of the mountain. Up there you will have a vast panorama over the snowclad summits of Sarek, and further west, Áhkká.

The land between Vákkudavárre and Dievssajávri is foraging ground for the reindeer of Unna Tjerusj Sámi community. Here they forage in spring, summer and autumn. It is a narrow passage for the reindeer, and if on your hike or skiing tour you come close to an assembled flock of reindeer, the way to avoid disturbing them is to sit down and let them past, or to make a detour around the animals.