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The gateway to the World Heritage Area

Naturum Laponia Visitor Centre tells our whole history. Come here to learn about what Laponia is and why this area is on the World Heritage List. Get to know the mountains, the forest and the wetlands. Follow the changing seasons and gain insight into why the reindeer is central to Sámi culture.

Naturum Laponia opened in the fall of 2014. This is the gateway to four national parks, two nature reserves and nine Sami villages. You’ll learn more about all of this, but more importantly, you’ll get an idea of how to discover the 9,400 km² World Heritage Site on your own.

Every place carries memories. During your visit, you also leave yours and become part of Laponia. Welcome to discover our World Heritage Site.

Naturum Laponia is beautifully located on the headland of Viedásnjárgga by Lake Láŋas. In swedish we say it is ‘a stone’s throw from the road to the west.’


Take a break from your visit and enjoy a coffee in front of the impressive views of Stuor Muorkke.

Inside the naturum is our café where we offer gáhkko with reindeer sausage and smoked char, waffles with jam and cream, home-baked bread and freshly brewed coffee. We also sell sweets and cold drinks for your continued journey in Laponia. The range may vary according to the season and availability of ingredients.

In high season, light hot dishes are added to complement our menu.

How to get here

Naturum Laponia Visitor Centre is on Viedásnjárgga Headland in Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke National Park. The place is best known as Stora Sjöfallet, while Viedás and Stuor Muorkke are the Sámi names for the area.

The starting points for getting here are Gällivare and Jokkmokk. There are several trains daily to Gällivare train station. You can continue by bus or car to naturum Laponia Visitor Centre. From Jokkmokk you can continue by car or bus via Porjus. There are airports in Gällivare, Luleå and Kiruna. All these communities have car rentals.


All of Naturum Laponia’s exhibitions are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Naturum’s car park is along Vägen Västerut (The Road West or Road 827), 92 km from where you turned west off Road E45. From the car park it is a walk of about 300 metres to naturum Laponia Visitor Centre. If you have difficulties walking you can drive a car all the way.

Naturum is easily accessible by wheelchair or pram. Cars and shuttle buses can drive all the way down to the building, which is adapted for accessibility. The surface of the road and the parking space is packed gravel. The building is completely accessible for people with disabilities. Inside we have an accessible toilet.

In the outside environment, you can reach further out on the headland in the summertime on our wooden footbridge. Where you also can use our camp-fire site.

About 300 meters.

No, it stops at Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center, but that is just 600 m from the naturum Laponia Visitor Centre car park. Länstrafiken believes that it is not possible to have a bus stop at the naturum.