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Sulidälbmá / Sulitelma

At the end of Swedens oldest tourist trail

A Swedish proverb has it that “a loved child has many names”. This applies especially if two countries are involved. In Norway, Sulidälbmá is spelt Sulitjelma. In Sweden, the Sámi name is used. But it is the same area – alpine mountains and enormous glaciers, where the Norwegian Swedish border cuts right through the mountain massif, splitting the vast Sállajiegŋa in two parts.

Sállajiegŋa means ”crevasse ice” and is the biggest glacier in Sulidälbmá. To stand at its foot is the closest to the ice age we can get. The bluish-white ice colossus curves down, calving into a turbid glacier lake. Below the glacier, reindeer forage in summer, having come up here to escape the mosquitoes.