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Forested mountains

Stubbá is a bridge between the vast Sjávnja and Muttos/Muddus National Park. Rounded low mountains clad in coniferous forest extend from the large marshlands. A few peaks reach above the tree line. They are not high, but they give you unexpected views of vast expanses of marshland and old-growth forest.

Stubbá is the home of the Eurasian jay, the capercaillie and the long-eared owl. They live here all year round but are joined in spring by migratory birds. The birds thrive here, on the marshes where no one can disturb them. In winter, the vast marshlands turn into perfect migration routes for both humans and animals. The old-growth forest in Stubbá is grazing land for the Unna tjerusj sameby. The bearded dragonfly feeds the reindeer when they cannot graze on the ground.

Since the E45 highway between Porjus and Gällivare cuts through Stubbá, it’s a great area for short day trips. Go skiing in the countryside or go birdwatching early in the morning. Few parts of the Laponia World Heritage Site are as accessible as Stubbá.

Just put on a pair of real boots or a pair of skis. And don’t forget your binoculars.